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For those interested in film music, Brian has written two books. They are full of detailed analysis of how film and TV music works, and include musical examples from the likes of Hans Zimmer, James Horner, and John Williams. Rather than publish these as expensive tomes, he has made them available as a free online resource. Please feel free to peruse the chapters below, and contact Brian if you have any thoughts or questions.

brianjamesmorrell [at]
Brian conducting film music in Manchester

How Film and TV Music Communicate (Vol. 1)

By Brian Morrell

Title Page
List of Music Analysed
Contents Page
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01. What Is Music
02. Music Theory In Action
03. Music and Meaning
04. How Harmony Speaks
05. How Music Communicates
06. The Deft Touch of Subtlety
07. The Harmonic Power of Music
08. The Rich Culture and History of TV Music
09. Music for TV
10. Film Music in Context

Download whole book (14.1 MB)

How Film and TV Music Communicate (Vol. 2)

By Brian Morrell

Title Page
List of Music Analysed
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01. Documentaries and Commercials
02. The Subtleties
03. The complexity of Harmony
04. Horror
05. In Space No-one Can Hear the Chord Changes
06. Jurassic Park and E.T.
07. Skewed Perspectives
08. Intricacy
09. Excitement and the Grand Gesture

Download whole book (16.3MB)